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Breast tightening ( Mastopexy)

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The shape of the breast depends on its size, the quality of the fibrous tissues, the proportion of the fatty tissue and the elasticity of skin.

Age and hormone levels additionally play a decisive role. Sagging breasts develop after extensive breast feeding or after losing weight or when the patient has reached the menopause age. A ptotic breast refers to the state when the nipple is located below the inframammary  crease with the patient standing in the upright position.

For preventing future sagging the aim of the breast thightening procedure must be to remove redundant skin and bringing the nipple-areola complex into a higher position within the gland. According to the different individual situations there are different methods. The operation is performed under perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis with at least one night postoperative care under medical supervision. After the operation a special bra must give support for about 5 weeks.

Recovery time is between 1 – 2 weeks.

Please note

according to german law the presentation of before and after photos in the internet is not allowed since 2005.

Be careful

Following your physician's instructions is key to the success of your surgery. It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, swelling, abrasion or motion during the time of healing. Dr. Michel will give you specific instructions on how to care for yourself. Additionally it is of major importance to comply with the rules of the follow up intervals.

Costs of your operation

As aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is always a very individual procedure the costs can vary widely according to the extent of the operation. A concrete price note can be given with the first appointment.


If financing is desired the best is to contact your bank. German institutions financing beauty procedures might be available too.