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Large male breasts (Gynecomastia)

Large breasts in men are relatively common. It is estimated that at some time in their life over a third of men experience this problem. The operation is to remove excess breast tissue in men. This develops in one of two patterns, either a firm button of tissue beneath the nipple or a diffuse fatty change with poorly defined edges.

Sometimes both patterns are present. The causes of gynecomastia are numerous and may dictate the treatment used.

Liposuction alone is helpful for removing the tissue and may avoid skin excision in many patients. It is now considered the treatment of choice for many men with large breasts. The type of surgery recommended depends on the pattern of enlargement. The most common traditional method was to remove the excess tissue through an incision. Liposuction therefore  is used alone to improve the contour or remove additional fat. This operation is under a general anesthetic ( you are asleep) or in a strong local anaesthesia if only a liposuction is performed. Most of the times this is an outpatient operation, a perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis is given.


All operations have some risk. It is possible to divide the risks of surgery into two groups. First those that are seen in all operations and second those that are unique or special for this operation. In the first group, the main risks are swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, a scar and numbness or change in feeling. The main but rare problems which are special for this operation are surface irregularity and a change in shape or position of the nipple.

Postoperative care

The recovery takes one week. Most people are back to work within 2 days.

Please note

according to german law the presentation of before and after photos in the internet is not allowed since 2005.

Be careful

Following your physician's instructions is key to the success of your surgery. It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, swelling, abrasion or motion during the time of healing. Dr. Michel will give you specific instructions on how to care for yourself. Additionally it is of major importance to comply with the rules of the follow up intervals.

Costs of your operation

As aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is always a very individual procedure the costs can vary widely according to the extent of the operation. A concrete price note can be given with the first appointment.


If financing is desired the best is to contact your bank. German institutions financing beauty procedures might be available too.